Eazy VCD

Eazy VCD 1.15

A free front-end application to convert your DVDs into a (X)VCD or (X)SVCD disc

Eazy VCD is a free front-end application that makes it easier for any user to convert DVDs into VCD, SVCD, XVCD, or XSVCD compatible video files. This program uses other existing free software to perform the necessary processes to fit your DVDs into a CD-R, following the (X)VCD and (X)SVCD standards.

Eazy VCD saves you the trouble of opening as many as six different software products, and of taking your video files through all of them in order to create your VCDs. This program installs in your system six different well-known tools necessary to perform the whole encoding process – vStrip, DVD2AVI, BeSweet, TMPGEnc, VCDImager, and ChapterXtractor. You do not need to know how they work or what they do – Eazy VCD will open and execute each of them when needed, making the whole process transparent for the user.

Eazy VCD outputs either an MPEG file or a Bin/Cue image. MPEG files can be played directly in your computer, and can be used to create a VCD. Bin/Cue images perfectly reflect the structure of the original video file, including the chapter cuts found in the DVD, allowing you to move through your VCD just as you did in the original disc. You can also rip the original VOB files and leave them untouched in your system for later use.

You can rip the whole DVD or select the video streams you need to convert. Equally, the defaulted values for every output format can be adjusted to your preferences.

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